Movies from that long rainy weekend [Take-1]

I ve been writing this post for very long. May be writing movie reviews are not my cuppa tea.

This is just a roundup of movies I had watched few weeks back .. yup during that rain lashed weeknd when Chennai almost came to a halt..

Okies.. back to business then. Its in 2 parts. One for the English movies and the 2nd, abt other language ones.

The Others [2001]

I watched this in between Vaaranam Aayiram as it gave me a few yawns. This was good. Gave a few good scares. And was pretty entertaining till the end. It was a reco from one of my friends, who said it was pretty engaging. The kids were cute and I was very sad for them at the end. The way the twist in the story unfolded was excellent. It makes a good evening watch with ur family. Nicole’s acting was commendable.

My Rating: * * * * * * * * * *

Rope [1948]

It was too good. This was my first Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. I had wanted to watch one (particularly Psycho) for very long. I finally ended up watching this as this movie was very short. It was less than 90mins n it was supposed to be in ‘real time’. It was a very good watch. John Dall’s (as Brandon) acting was fabulous. I read in a forum where one of the buff was wondering y had he nt won the oscar that yr, even I was made to think so. James Stewart’s performance was commendable as well. It was nt like a movie. It was very short n was more like a drama or a play. I think its even ‘movie with the least no of takes’ (some 4 or so, not sure). This is a movie not to be missed. Even in any case u think it wud b waste of time, u wont be wasting much.

My Rating: * * * * * * * * * *


2001, a space odyssey [1968]

I accept. I never understood this movie. To me this was the most complicated movie I ever saw. It was one of those movies were music played a vital role, more than the protagonists and their dialogues. You need to have the patience to sit through the whole film and let it unfold to completely get the story. Believe me, I ran thru most part of the movie and that could ve helped in adding to the complexity. I got a bit of what actually the film is about only when I had read a few discussions abt the film and a few more explanations and then i was like ”Oh.. ya..” So get this movie, when u ve too much time at hand and when u are ready to interpret and analyse what u actually see on the screen.
P.S Also thr s an official site where this movie is explained. Am yet to find some time for it. Hope I ll b doing it soon.


Pitch Black [2000]

It was a good action film. I wasnt expecting too much from this film as I had seen its sequel [ The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) ]. It was much of an average entertainer. But I was pleasantly surprised as this movie made a good watch. Here a group of space travellers get stuck in a seemingly lifeless sun-scorched planet. What they soon realise is that thrs more to their problems than being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Vin Diesel was doing what he does best ‘Action’. He acts out his character with amazing ease, that u start feeling he is the man for the job. His noctornal blue eyes are really cool and menacing.

My Rating: * * * * * * * * * *


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