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Let the games begin

I’ve lost track of days.. I don realise time flying by around me.. Days go on faster than nights.. I know wt u r thinking rite nw. No no! am not in love, but the Cricket carnival is back with a louder BANG!!

As sad as I am that it isn’t played in India this time, am as happy tht it gets to be played at all. SA – the land of Goldmines, natural beauty, wildlife n all the action – gets to set the stage this time around. Hoping to have a cracker of a season. My favorites, namma Chennai Super Kings  look better this time around with Haydos available for the whole tourney, the Million dollar baby Andrew, the captain himself on a roll after successfully touring with the Indian team around the world.


DLF ILP 2009

The 2008 finalists Super Kings n Raj Royals might start as favourites but I will hold the cards close to my chest. Look out for the Daredevils, MI and a rejuvenated Chargers and Knight Riders. I can’t place the Royal Challengers anywhr. But somehw I feel Raj Royals n Punjab r gonna b a let down.
We r already a few days into it.. n there ve been few positives n negatives picked so far



  • The carnival, big party and the opening ceremony
  • English in IPL this time.. we ll get to see wt the kevins and Andrews get to do.
  • No more Indians-led-pack. Last time it was all abt Indian war horses, young n old, leading the teams (with the exception of Warny). But this time common sense seems to prevail, with proper captains leading the pack (tho am nt sure if McCullum is better than Dada)
  • All the Bollywood glam dolls being part of the franchises. Last time it was only Preity, this time we ve Shilpa, Juhi n Katrina joining her.
  • N of course all those Cheer leaders. They really keep the game going 🙂

  • ARUN LAL – no offense meant. but its getting really tired to hear him day in n day out during each break.
  • One suggestion: Pack Arunlal off to Africa (so that we get to c him very less) n bring Mandira back on studios. I really miss the deadly combo of Charu n Mandira. Not that Mandira is anywhr near ‘hot n happening’, she looks overdone n old. But anyday she is better than few mokkai mannars. Not to mention the first day when I was really pissed off watching 2 Lal’s (Arun n Lal chand rajput) discussing the 1st day’s game.. I was like wt the hell!! the perfect way not to start the big games. Btw, all these with due respect to his contribution to cricket. It wud ve been better if he had only stopped thr.
  • Big things come with controversies. All those things abt multi-captaincy, Pak players being withdrawn, few aussie players pulling out. Many turned out to be dampeners.
  • The strategic time breaks, introduced to reduce the time taken for an innings, as the big-heads feel that  more time is wasted to discuss strategies during a match. Tho i feel, this has not helped much, only benefit being to the organizers who ve found more time to sneak in their ads.
  • CSK has started on a losing note. They ve lost 2 of thr 3 games!! 😦 Tho they had fought well, its really sore to be on the losing side. Hoping for brighter days ahead. So Goooo on CSK.. We r always behind u 🙂
Chennai super kings

Chennai super kings

And don miss my fellow IPL blogger Mr. Fake IPL Player, he deftly seems to pack a punch 😉