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Why not a common ground? – The reservation debate

One must understand that reservation is like giving crutches to the disabled when he can be treated by physiotherapy….
Reservation will not take this nation anywhere..

1. The reservation must be for economically backward people and not caste wise

2. If u need to help them, don’t reserve seats, instead provide them monetary benefits, or improve their standard of life.

3. Reservation will only make them more complacent.

4. Provide them the means and not the solution

Give them a common ground as others. Think about this.

P.S. This is not intended to hurt anyone. The aim is to take a neutralized and informed stand on this issue.


The Green Mile [1999] – A wonderful portrayal

Movie: The Green Mile [1999]

IMDB index: tt0120689

IMDB rating: 8.3

My rating: 8

Director: Frank Darabont

Release Date: 10 December 1999 (USA)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Fantasy

Plot: The story about the lives of guards on death row leading up to the execution of black man accused of child murder & rape, who has the power of faith healing

Cast (Major): Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan


Had been long waiting to see this movie. At last when it happened, it was really worth the wait. One of the few beautiful movies i have seen. Hanks comes up with yet another splendid performance and adds crisp to the good cast. Particularly Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey, WOW what to say!! He, his size, his innocence surely cant go unnoticed. Every scene creates a sort of expectation on whats going to happen next. n satisfies them pretty nicely too. It makes a good watch. It may not b a feel good movie.. but definitely makes u think a lot about humanity and human values. I am waiting to read the book from which it has been adapted

P.S. This review of mine was approved n posted at IMDB 🙂

Lost in the dark

The roads are lonely dark n deep

I can hear low noises as creatures creep

I see a glimmering light at the end

Hoping its not a foe bt just a friend.

– Ram

Thank God

I was watching a tweety bird in the sky

Flying very very high

It dropped some white wash in my eye

I din curse, I din cry,

But thanked God that cows don’t fly 🙂

Adios Amigo

Here I am to share my thotz…

I thot its time to pen down er… ‘key’ down my views, thougts, ideas n wtever that comes across that little thing in my head

B kind enuf to let me know wt u think of them!

More abt me

Thanks for ur time

so long…