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The Ugly face of terror


Once again, our dear country has to wake up to a day of te(HO)rror. First thing that comes up in my mind.. What exactly (WTF, to be precise) do these ppl want?
What are they trying to tell the world by killing all these innocent people. I wud call this pure sadism at its best. People who have missed living their life and cherish its varied colours are out there to ensure that others don’t do it too. They just ve to paint it in different colours, giving a more stupid reason each time.

As threatening as it may seem, all these attacks, must not hinder the spirit in us. The more divided we are, the greater we fall.  Coz, these are the times when people must realise that there is much more to life than just family or work or friends. There is humanity, which is why we are after all called human. So what do we call these AHs who derive pleasure from sufferings of others? Blood sucking parasites !? Even parasite would be ashamed as they do it coz they don’t have an option.

And its really sick to learn that the master minds behind these are actually one of the most intelligent lot. An engineer or a doctor by profession who feels that life has not treated him fairly enough. So all these acts are going to balance it out!!? Must really be out of their minds. God help them.

But they just fail to realise that they are not getting anywhere with all these. The more you stress n trouble people, greater they unite and stand tall against this absolute madness. In a way this might be helpful, as it makes people forget their cultural/regional/religional differences and stand as one… a true Indian and a sane human being in every sense.