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Aham Brahmasmi [Naan Kadavul]

naan-kadavul-1Well.. atlast Bala’s most awaited work is out! n I should thank my cousin for getting a ticket @ Satyam on the opening weekend.

So, now answering the most obvious question. “How was the movie?”

I would say it was a little off-beat, different and quite sensitive one. I felt that it needs user discretion, as a few scenes though not very explicit, were quite disturbing. By the way, I liked it. I always like people who dare to think different. With Kollywood rollin out so many crappy movies in recent times, this one for sure stands tall.

It had Bala’s trademark style written all over it and all the way through. His usual mix of timely comedy and drama were present. I was really surprised that this movie could have had so many lighter moments.

The dark realities of our lives, which we have never bothered to know until now, have been pictured realistically by Bala. The life among ‘Agori’ Sadhus, the troubled life of blind beggars controlled by the mafia and the lives of mentally-challenged people have been narrated in a way that is new to naan-kadavul-poojaTamil Cinema.

I have to make a special mention of few outstanding performances. You might be a little shocked to know that Arya’s performance was a little over shadowed by the leading lady. Pooja has done herself some good by accepting this role. Surely this movie will be a turning point for both the lead pair.  One of those bold beggar kids with his timely comedy gave us a good laugh more than once. The cast was almost perfect.

Maestro’s songs were not really that memorable but in general his background score was neat and was really helpful in letting the story flow smoothly. I happen to hear that all those specially-abled people in this movie were actually so and were trained to act in this movie. The only irritating character was Arya’s dad. He could never emote!

Technically rich visuals, splendid re-recording apart from top-notch performances by the artistes make ‘Naan Kadavul’.

All said and done, I bet this movie wont be a darling of the audience, but if you wanna watch something thats worth ur money, then this might be the best bet.

P.S. U know who did I end up meeting in the theater!? Gautham Vasudev Menon and Vishal had been to the same show. The highlight was that, Gautham’s car was an Audi 😮