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Bucket actors

Release of ‘Naan avan illai – 2’ shows that Kollywood has high tolerance for Bucket Actors. Wondering what an actor got to do with a bucket!? Its just those elite group of so-called-actors who don’t know how to emote or do such a poor job at it that a water bucket would have fared better!!

Speaking about such actors, Tamil Film Industry has always been blessed with quite a handful, more so in the recent times. One is the subject in question, Jeevan. I wonder how producers are still ready to invest in projects involving him! But, shockingly he seems to be doing a fair job at the market too!! His only movie with an exception was Kaaka Kaaka where the story was too haunting for this acting to be noticed. His acting was well advertised in movies like University, Machakaaran and Thotta.

Another specimen would be RB Choudary’s proud son (sorry, not proud.. that would be Jeeva) Ramesh A.K.A Jithan Ramesh. I have seen ppl preceding their names with movies which made them popular. Once, he is associated with a movie like ‘Jithan’ which sucked, you can know the calibre of this actor. I really wonder, how could he have been from the same family as Jeeva. A world of difference between the brothers. His famous flops include Madhu, Nee Venunda Chellam, Madurai Veeran, Puli Varudhu other than his horrible debut movie.

Another was Sathyaraj’s cousin ‘Sathayan’ (Am not sure abt his name). He mansatchiye-illama acted in his first movie as a hero. Even if the director and producer forced him, he should have known better. But, the poor guy has had some reality struck in him. Now he has switched over to the comedian roles and seems to be doing an ok job. Recently you would have seen him as Vadivelu’s cousin in Aadhavan.

And there was this guy Manoj. He was Director Bharathi Raja’s son. The Director is known for his hard ways of getting the work done from his actors. But, he seems to have failed bitterly with his own son. The lame movie ‘Taj Mahal’ stands as a nice testimony.

I wouldn’t justify the term bucket actors, if I don’t talk about this gem of an actor. Yes, its our very own Sam Anderson. I really wondered whether the makers of the movie ‘Yaaruku yaro’ took him for a ride making him believe that he was into a serious movie meanwhile they made a movie that couldn’t be anymore hilarious.

I think I have spoken about quite a few. I guess there a lot more of these kinda actors not just in Kollywood but also in its ‘B’ and ‘H’ counterparts. I just hope they realize it sooner than later and pick jobs that are meant for them and stay off the screen.