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Its been long since I had written about something. Either nothing interesting had happened or I was lazy or I think too much that I end up writing nothing at all. There have been a few things I wanted to write about in the recent past, just that I couldn’t get it going. Here is a teaser of what might be coming up in the future in my blog 😉 I guess this is the only way to make me write. I hope I shall post something to keep the promise up 🙂

One of the post is titled ‘A tale of two fingers’.  You can be assured that it wont be anything like the classic novel by Charles Dickens. I felt that the title would suit my post. What is it abt? U gotto wait. I definitely don’t guarantee that it ll b worth it 😛

Next one is ‘Favorite movie franchises of all time’. I am kind of sucker to movie franchises. If I like at least a couple of movies in a series, I more or less end up watching the entire series whether it sucks or rocks. I have watched the entire ‘Planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Police Academy’ collections to quote a few.

And another thing abt Ads (titled Ad-dicted). How the business of advertising is at its creative best these days. Got to give them credit when its due..

Till then, keep reading. Catch ya later. Adios!!