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Its been long since I had written about something. Either nothing interesting had happened or I was lazy or I think too much that I end up writing nothing at all. There have been a few things I wanted to write about in the recent past, just that I couldn’t get it going. Here is a teaser of what might be coming up in the future in my blog 😉 I guess this is the only way to make me write. I hope I shall post something to keep the promise up 🙂

One of the post is titled ‘A tale of two fingers’.  You can be assured that it wont be anything like the classic novel by Charles Dickens. I felt that the title would suit my post. What is it abt? U gotto wait. I definitely don’t guarantee that it ll b worth it 😛

Next one is ‘Favorite movie franchises of all time’. I am kind of sucker to movie franchises. If I like at least a couple of movies in a series, I more or less end up watching the entire series whether it sucks or rocks. I have watched the entire ‘Planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Police Academy’ collections to quote a few.

And another thing abt Ads (titled Ad-dicted). How the business of advertising is at its creative best these days. Got to give them credit when its due..

Till then, keep reading. Catch ya later. Adios!!


Adios Amigo

Here I am to share my thotz…

I thot its time to pen down er… ‘key’ down my views, thougts, ideas n wtever that comes across that little thing in my head

B kind enuf to let me know wt u think of them!

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